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Forty Seven Bank provides comprehensive API (Application Programming Interface) to allow businesses and partners to integrate their applications and services with our bank infrastructure. This integration will allow to exchange information and to connect business processes of these organizations with business processes of Forty Seven Bank.

The synergy and tight integration of financial services and broad range of external systems will result in the creation of valuable solutions for our customers.

Forty Seven API is based on open source API that was proposed by OBP (Open Bank Project). Forty Seven API will be fully compliant with Open Bank Project API and implement all banking functionality that are covered by this standardized API. So, you can use all OBP compliant applications with Forty Seven Bank.

Moreover, we are going to fork Open Bank API and extend it with new API methods related to crypto-currency domain - API for crypto-currency wallet management and smart contracts. This extension of Open Bank API will be available in open source under AGPL license. Forty Seven bank will propose crypto-currency API as new standard for banking industry. Our App Store initially will consists of OBP API compliant applications, but in the future the range of applications will be extended with crypto-currency related applications.

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