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You can use following software development kits (SDK) and tools to develop Forty Seven API compliant applications:

MacOS High Sierra

OS X and iOS SDK

This software development kit allows you to easily connect your existing iOS and OSX apps to servers offering the Open Bank Project API.

It takes care of the authorization process, and once the user has given your app permission to access his/her resources, it provides you with a helper to marshal resources through the API, or if you want to roll your own, you can use OBPKit to add authorisation headers to the requests you form yourself.

You can look at the HelloOBP-iOS and HelloOBP-Mac sample applications to see OBPKit in use.

Java client

This is an OBP Client API using Spring Boot 1.4.x. The client provides the following functionality:

  • Authentication
  • Get account details
  • Get transactions for an account
  • Tag transactions

This sample project is using the version 2.2.0 of the OBP API. It shouldn't be difficult to use a different API version with the caveat that some of the entities must be adapted to match the data in the target API version. Internally, the project is using Lombok to simplify the code and the Joda Money API for representing monetary values.

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.NET connector for C#

This is Open Bank Project connector for Microsoft Visual C#.

The source code is available on GitHub. Also you can take a look at OAuth walk through with C# snippets.

OAuth authorization in PHP

This source code allows you to easily connect your existing PHP software via OAuth to servers offering the Open Bank Project API.

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Command Line Scripts

A collection of scripts dealing with the API. These scripts can used to preform the following operations from command line:

  • Import data
  • Generate statistics